What do children want in a 21st century library?


The Jesup's rotunda and children's room feature children's imaginings of what they would like to see in the future Jesup children's area. Budding artists and library visionaries from Conners Emerson School put pen, marker and crayon to paper, coming up with a range of fantastic ideas. Some popular themes? Swimming pools, bean bags, bookshelves, and space to "Be Loud!" Caroline, in first grade, even wants to see a DJ station!

unnamed (1).jpg

While the future Children’s Room may not have a pool in the works, it will finally give kids and their caregivers the space they need to create, read, relax and play. We can’t wait to work together with the community to plan our future Youth Services. To learn more and get involved in the planning process, contact Ruth Eveland at reveland@jesuplibrary.org or (207) 288-4245.

Corey Blake