Introducing Jesup 2020: Check It Out!

We’re proud to announce Jesup 2020 - the capital campaign to preserve, protect and expand our library.

As many of you know, critical improvements to the Jesup are overdue. Recurring flooding over the past two years has placed collections at risk and disrupted library service, making clear that the time has come to take action to preserve and protect our historic building. Tomorrow is no longer an option.

Jesup staff and trustees have been working hard for several years to develop plans for a library that will serve this community well into the future. So far, they have organized a campaign feasibility study, determined the scope and timing of the project, and purchased the property next door where the expansion will be built. The local firm of Gary Friedmann & Associates has been brought on board to complete the fundraising effort.

This June, we’ll begin Phase 2 of the project. you'll be seeing major site work take place as we begin the process of addressing the critical drainage and water infiltration issues that cause this flooding. We'll also be performing the site preparations needed for the construction of our new wing, avoiding the need to dig a second time in the future.

We'll be keeping you up to date about the campaign and the work to come through regular updates in this section of our new website and through our monthly newsletter. In the meantime, please know that your support is crucial to making these improvements a reality.  Email or call Lee Bonta at 207-801-8486 for more information.

Corey Blake